BCN has been launching a number of programs in the Netherlands and in Nepal. Our programs are directed to assist Bhutanese in the Netherlands in their integration process and to assist the vulnerable people in other countries. At the moment our focus is Nepal and Bhutan. BCN's plan of action and some of its recent programs are as follows. You may also surf our announcements.

1. BCN's Tentative Plan of Action in 2010

Activities in the Netherlands

  • 1 March 2010 Announcement: drawing competition
  • 1 March 2010 Announcement; open Nepali essay competition; Submission date; 31st August 2010
  • 1 March 2010 Announcement of English essay competition; Submission date: 31st August 2010: 12-18 age years of age (closed door): More than 18 years of age (open)
  • March-June Receiving the 1st batch of new comers at Schipol/ and providing welcome dinner at Amersfort
  • May - June Get together of Bhutanese - a visit to Kekenhof
  • May - June Children program
  • June 20 World Refugee Day
  • June Capacity building - cultural programs
  • June - July Receiving the 2nd batch of new comers at Schipol/ and providing welcome dinner at Amersfort
  • July-August Receiving the 3rd batch of new comers at Schipol/ and providing welcome dinner at Amersfort
  • 11. Sept - Get together of elderly people during teej festival
  • 17 October Dasara Celebration
  • 17 October Welcome program to all the new comers in Amersfort
  • November 6 2010 - Result declaration of Nepali essay competition, English essay competition, drawing competition
  • November 6 2010 Remembrance of Martyrs
  • November 6 2010 General meeting
  • November 6 2010 Dipawali Celebration
  • Dec 11 2010 Human Rights Day
  • 3rd week Dec. Christmas/New Year Celebration
  • December BCN Annual report writing and Booklet publication

Activities in Nepal:

  • February BCN-GHRD support to the fire victims in Beldangi I
  • March 8 2010 Celebration of International Women Day
  • April 1 2010 Support program to unregistered Bhutanese refugees (conditional)
  • June 2010 Essay competition in the refugee camp
  • May-June Fellowship - planning, selection and award
  • June-September Support program to the refugees affected Nepalese (conditional)
  • Dec. 11 2010 Arts competition - Theme; Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity
  • Jan-Dec 2010 Reporting and update of events in Nepal

2. Press release: support to the victims of fire break-out in Beldangi - I Bhutanese refugee camp in Jhapa, Nepal.

Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) and Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands (BCN) are shocked and saddened by the fire incident that displaced hundreds of Bhutanese refugees from their huts. We are moved to hear that the victims could not save any of their belongings.

Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) and Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands (BCN) in collaboration has agreed to support the victims of fire calamity in Beldangi I Bhutanese refugee camp. BCN with a financial support of GHRD provides a sum of 28,844 Rupees in order to meet the basic and emergency needs to the displaced people and the children.

BCN's personal inquiry identified that the victims are in need of materials like: T-shirts, lungi and especially inner/under wares for girls, school dress for the school going children, utensils and mattress. This support is earmarked for a populations of 442 who got displaced from their huts following the fire episode. The victims of fire incident claim that they could not save anything including their documents. The loss of property and material is yet to be estimated.

On 20th January 2010 at 21:35 Hrs Nepal time, there was a fire breakout at Beldangi-I, Bhutanese refugee camp. The fire started from Sector A. Though the refuges, local community and Armed Police Force struggled to put the fire off; 28 bamboo-thatched huts got totally brunt. In order to control further spread of fire, 48 huts were dismantled.

Signed by,

Mr. S. Sital, Chairman GHRD
Dr. Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal

3. Victims of fire break-out in Beldangi-I CLICK HERE
4. BCN celebrated International Women Day in Nepal CLICK HERE