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Refugee life in Nepal and its constraints:
A brief commentary, the real life time experience by Mahendra Adhikari, Narayan Neopaney and Bikas Koirala

Mahindra, Narayan and Bikas are Bhutanese refugee youths. These individuals have lived more than a decade of harsh life in the refugee camps in Nepal. These are youths who grew up in the refugee camps, who studied in the refugee camps, got involved in all sorts of social and cultural events in the refugee camps and they know how is it to be a refugee for nearly 2 decades.

Bhutan: The Unheard Voices. An article by Mr. L. N. Adhikari.

Mr. Adhikari is one of those Bhutanese who narrates the other side of Bhutan. He is one of the successful Bhutanese in the Netherlands. His ability to go through the hardtimes is unmeasurable by the Gross National Happiness propaganda of Bhutanese regime. This article may be disturbing. Therefore, people with labile psychological status may refrain reading this article!.

Detainees in Bhutan; Their life in cells and the horror around! An article by Hem Rizal.

Mr. Rizal is one of the invited refugees in the Netherlands. He and his relatives had been identified by the UNHCR as vulnerable families. Mr Rizal is one of the educated and dynamic persons among the invited refugees. Currently, Mr. Rizal and his family live in one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands