About BCN

BCN as an independent welfare forum of the Bhutanese people living in the Netherlands.

Bhutanese people had already been living in the Netherlands. Under the recommendation of the United Nations High Commissioners for the Refugees (UNHCR), the Dutch government generously accepted to adopt a few hundred new arrivals under the third country resettlement program. The group of resettled people and those already living in the Netherlands form a special group for 2 reasons:

Firstly, the UNHCR declared these people vulnerable; thus, in need of protection. Therefore, to enable them to enjoy the basic fabric of Dutch society; they need, support, guidance and empathy in order to process their traumatic experiences. These people need an organised support. BCN strives to make them feel home by preserving their exceptionally rich and unique culture.

Secondly, despite having had to live under harsh circumstances in the refugee camps in Nepal for nearly two decades, Bhutanese people are progressive, highly motivated and peaceful people. In the Netherlands, these people need capacity building programs geared to fulfil the requirements of the Dutch society. These types of programs are highly essential to convert them to successful, skilful and productive human resource in their new home country. BCN is envisioned to assist Bhutanese in the Netherlands for an economic, social and cultural integration into the society they live in.

Though the Netherlands is a country of peace, stability, generosity and opportunities; the people who are brought up in different system, culture, and living conditions get lost in this complex society. Bhutanese people who have come to this country with talents, ambitions and wishes to restart and rebuild rest of their lives need direction and help. BCN organises interaction and discussion programs to assist the Bhutanese to get absorbed in the Dutch society.

The BCN recognises itself as a team of professionals, activists, entrepreneurs, academicians and social workers. Furthermore, based on their experiences of having lived years under harsh conditions, BCN team is aware of the ground situation and in future targets to assist in bringing changes to life of deserving people elsewhere especially marginalized, victimized and those living under difficult circumstances. BCN shall function as a bridge between the Dutch institutions and help the deserving people assisting them and working through the bottlenecks.

To summarise, BCN organizes orientation programs, get together and provides inputs to fulfil its mission. It organizes cultural events, exhibitions and talk programs thereby leading to enrichment of culture, knowledge and understanding through collaboration and cooperation. It plans and implements programs to meet the needs of deserving people.

By: Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal, September 27 2009

Objectives and Vision of BCN

BCN is established with following objectives and vision


  • To assist on the successful and productive integration of Bhutanese into the Dutch society
  • To organize orientation, get together, interaction and support programs in order to foster cordial relation among Bhutanese and other people
  • To identify the challenges faced by the Bhutanese living in the Netherlands, analyze the bottlenecks and help solving them.
  • To assist those people who deserve our help in the Netherlands and elsewhere


BCN primarily targets Bhutanese in the Netherlands to assist them to be the productive citizens of this country. BCN also acknowledges its capacity and strives to extend helping hand to people elsewhere. BCN, a team of activists, professionals, entrepreneurs, social workers and victims operates on the principle of fundamental human rights and will work ceaselessly to reach its target population and goals. It strives to established itself as a welfare forum of and for the needy people.