Welcome message

Dear Everybody,

On behalf of Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands (BCN) and on my own behalf, I am pleased to welcome you all to our official website.

BCN is a non-profit organization established by the Bhutanese people in the Netherlands on 19th September 2009. This is the only Netherlands based Bhutanese welfare forum to support all the Bhutanese people living here in the Netherlands. BCN also assists those people who deserve our-help in other part of the world. Various types of educational information about Bhutan, Netherlands base Bhutanese and their activities of the past and future projects can be found at different section of BCN website.

Our team has and will work constantly to reach BCN’s target objectives. The basic objectives and future vision of BCN is to create the atmosphere of unity among all the Bhutanese living here in the Netherlands, assists them for their integration, education and organized get-together cum cultural programs. BCN will also try to identify the challenges faced by our people and try to solve them. In BCN, we believe in equality and respect everybody’s values and each community member has equal rights to participate and involve in BCN activities and functions.

BCN does not have special funding source. Most of the activities are organized through membership contributions and contributions from our well-wishers. On behalf of BCN I would like to take this opportunity to extend our deep appreciations and gratefulness for all the support and solidarity provided to our community by various individuals and Dutch agencies. Appreciating your pasts support we also expect similar support and assistance from you all in the days to come. If anybody interested to support us in our drive, you can find ways to support our projects on the page of our website. You can also donate directly to our bank account provided in our official website or can contact us for further details.

And finally, thank you all in advance for your valuable support and solidarity. I fully hope that all our community members will extend their full support and cooperation for the successful realization of our objectives.

With Warm Regards,
D. P. Mainali
President - BCN